Recent Poem: Entangled Particles

(Quantum Physics uses the term “entangled particles” to describe how particles remain connected–their actions affecting another particle despite the vast distances between them. Perhaps human memory and love work similarly)Image


Somewhere in the topography of the heart lay a hidden red “X”

Its location a mystery, its very existence undeniable

You stumble along one ordinary summer night

Your body dancing with just enough staccato

Then just enough smooth flow into absolute stillness

Then, a squeeze

A hand that grips your heart- steady, generous and firm

As if  to say: “You know this. You will always know this.”

Entangled particles

Kinetic at best, nuclear at worst, rarely inert

A lush vine of memory creeps

Travels with friends with names like Subtlety and Paradox

Blooms forth a steady hand

Pumps wakefulness into forgetful veins

Neither wants nor demands

Nudges you back home

Where your vow:

“I have always known this, I will always know this.”

–dls 2013


2 thoughts on “Recent Poem: Entangled Particles

  1. Donna,
    I love this poem. It has great meaning for me, as I recently learned of the death of one who was my entangled other. “Kinetic at best, nuclear at worst, rarely inert” summed us up perfectly.
    Thanks for sharing this we others.

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