Life on Life’s Terms

IMG_0195It’s a mess out there, sometimes a beautiful mess.  Daily life, by it’s very nature, is rarely going to present itself to us like a well tended garden. Sometimes it’s easy to hang out with the messiness of life. Other times we can get overtaken by anger, intense emotional reactivity and negative behaviors. How much of our daily suffering arises from our very human, but misguided, attempts to bend life to our liking?

The good news is that we all have an inner capacity to cultivate resilience, insight, behavioral changes and deepening peace in daily life. We don’t need to seek hidden caves or high peaks to gain more expansive perspectives on life and it’s inevitable ups and downs. Nor do we need to spend endless hours on meditation cushions separated from, or avoiding, the very challenges that trip us up. We can learn to meet life, on life’s terms, with compassion, presence of mind, and wise action. We can do all of the above by consistently, and persistently, practicing something called Compassionate Mindful Attention.

During the month of June I will be offering another four week series titled: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation & Stress Reduction at The Living Seed in New Platz, NY. This series has provided many others with effective, user-friendly tools that help to increase insight,resilience, and skillful decision making – all in a safe, compassionate group setting.

Next series dates: Four consecutive Tuesday evenings June 3,10,17 & 24

80.00 for entire series.  Registration: click on events or workshops or call 845.255.8212 . Feel free to contact me with any questions at


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