Ultimate Recharge and Reboot

WHAT is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a guided therapeutic practice that induces calm, mental clarity and a deeply relaxed, vitalized body. The term “nidra” refers to a specific kind of resting state that is not a sleeping state as we know it, but a deeper, dreamless resting state that is particularly restorative for the nervous system and mind. There is no drowsiness upon arising from a yoga nidra process- the vast majority of people who experience the guided practice describe experiencing a profoundly relaxed body and notably increased mental acuity.

WHY listen to Yoga Nidra?  Because it works and it’s therapeutic benefits occur effortlessly  while you lay on your back or recline in a comfortable position.

 HOW it works:

Yoga Nidra directs awareness into the body in a way that down-regulates the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system which naturally decreases physical and mental agitation. This recording skillfully guides your entire being into deep somatic relaxation while it cultivates a still, refreshed mind.  My recording has three tracks which consist of a brief introduction, a longer 36 minute guided track, a shorter 16 minute track.  Soft, deliberately created music accompanies each track. Both tracks are designed to be suitable for adults and teens.

HOW Yoga Nidra has become a staple of my personal and professional life:

I was introduced to this yogic practice back in 1990s, by my yoga teacher, Parvathi Nath Saraswati. I lay down on my mat, pressed go and my first yoga nidra practice commenced. When the recording stopped and I opened my eyes and felt a level of quietude and clarity that I can honestly say, I had never experienced before. Since that time, yoga nidra has become my go to tool for calming my body, quieting my mind and settling my nervous system.

I had been working as a licensed clinical social worker/psychotherapist (MSW,LCSW) and soon introduced yoga nidra to many of my clients who were experiencing acute anxiety, chronic anxiety, mild depression, poor concentration, chronic or acute pain and other health and mental health concerns. The feedback I received from clients was remarkable; most found the guided practice extremely beneficial.


In 2009, when I  was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I experienced the sharp anxiety that most people feel. My thinking mind ran wild with worry and my body became agitated with a steady pulse of fear coursing through it.  During the aggressive phase of treatment it was yoga nidra that I kept pulling from my therapeutic tool kit. A consistent yoga nidra practice allowed me to move through cancer treatment with my mental and physical internal reserves intact.  I decided back in 2011 that I would make a recording when the time was right. 2015 was the right time.

I am delighted to share this practice, and it’s therapeutic benefits, with you. If you have any questions or simply want to share, just hit the contact button.

Deepening peace and vibrant health to you! ~~ Donna~~~

Direct links for purchase, and reviews, below.


Some reviews from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby

” Donna is a masterful teacher of yoga and mindfulness. Her delivery of Yoga Nidra reflects a rare combination of serious study…years of clinical experience and comprehensive training in mindfulness skills.” 5 stars

“…a great day to deal with the constantly encroaching anxieties of daily existence…I will make it part of my routine.” 5 stars

“…leads you into a profoundly relaxed state from which you somehow emerge, a short time later, settled and refreshed. Refreshed as in not at all groggy. It’s pretty amazing.” 5 stars

“….soothing and reassuring. She invites her listener into a relaxed state that is in the moment comfortable and ultimately restorative…this will be  a cherished addition to my mediation library.” 5 stars

“Excellent!!! Donna has a beautiful speaking voice and her caring and expertise come through clearly…..This recording is calming, clear and effective. Highly recommend.” 5 stars

“….did the trick. Her voice is soothing and she guides you patiently. I instantly felt better.” 5 stars

Links for digital downloads:

Direct Amazon link below:


 iTunes direct link below:


cd baby:


CD discs easily available through me. Contact link on menu bar, far right above.

The recording includes three tracks. Soft music accompanies the tracks.


Please contact me with any questions. Contact button on upper menu bar, far right.


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