“Do all that you can, with all that you have, in the the time that you have, in the place where you are.”  –  Nkosi Johnson

These wise words from this South African boy- who was an HIV/ AIDS activist and died way too young – pretty much sums up why I do what I do.

I work with the steadfast belief that modern science and inward -based practices such as yoga,  mindfulness meditation and yoga nidra  support our innate healing capacity. As a big fan of neuroscience and evidence-based medicine, as well as full- spectrum yoga practice and meditation, I  believe that combined, they can deliver health programs that are effective, user-friendly, cost effective and empowering.

As  a long -time teacher of yoga, meditation, mindfulness- based interventions I have  been exploring the integral relationship between brain, body and mind for much of my life.

For many years I worked as a  clinical social worker (MSW,LCSW)  in community mental health centers, hospitals, day treatment centers,universities and my own private practice. Much of my clinical practice was aimed at assisting people with chronic or acute anxiety, stress-related illness, pain management, depression, difficulties with concentration and other health and mental health challenges. Being a cancer survivor has deepened my commitment  to bringing the benefits of what I teach to people who are facing health challenges and to those who care for them.

Information about my guided relaxation recording:

 YOGA NIDRA: TOTAL RELAXATION PRACTICES FOR ADULTS AND TEENS is being used in  a variety of settings. It is available on iTunes,Amazon and CDBaby.  CDs are available directly through me.

Links for downloads:


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