Mindfulness Meditation & Stress Reduction

IMG_0779Daily life, by its very nature, is rarely going to present itself to us like a well-tended garden. Intense emotional reactivity tends to arise when try to bend life to our liking, and where there is reactivity, there is often prolonged suffering and bewilderment.

We can all point to places in our lives where we become ruled by habits of thought, habits of behavior, fear and frustration- it’s all very human and real. However, we needn’t let ourselves get too lost in our suffering and, to this end, there is good news…..

We have within us an enormous capacity for resiliency and deepening equanimity. We don’t need to seek hidden caves and avoid the very things that trip us up; instead we can learn to meet life on life’s terms with increased presence of mind and skillful action. How? By consistently strengthening our ability to compassionately return to practices that increase our mindfulness and awakened presence.

My next four week series titled: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation & Stress Reduction begins in a few weeks.

Four consecutive Tuesday evenings: January 20, 27 February 3, 10 (2015)

6-7:30 pm at The Living Seed Yoga Center, New Paltz, NY     Cost: 80.00 for series

Register on line at http://www.thelivingseed.com go to events/workshops page and scroll or call 845.255.8212. You can contact me directly with questions at 609.731.7748



Programs 2014

May 10th: Cultivating Resiliency and Awakened Presence: A partial Day Retreat

2:5:30 pm at The Living Seed Yoga Center, New Paltz, NY

For a full description of this event click onmy home page here and read “Thorns, Blooms & Open Sky” post and the prior post.

2014 Schedule of Programs
JANUARY 7,14,21 & 28 2014 at The Living Seed
6-7:30 pm
80.00 for series
Contact: Me 609.731.7748 or Living Seed 845.255.8212

FEBRUARY 4,11,18 & 25 at Private Residence
6-7:30 pm
80.00 for series
Contact me at 609.497.0086 for information and registration

MARCH,11,18, 25 & April 1  at The Living Seed
6-7:30 pm
80.00 for series
Contact: Me 609.731.7748 or Living Seed 845.255.8212

MARCH 9th 4:30- 6 pm
Finding Stillness In The Storms: Negotiating Challenges with Insight, Wisdom & Skillful Actions
Jewish Congregation of New Paltz Community Center, Route 32, New Paltz, NY
Free to members
10.00 for community members

June 3,10, 17 & 24 at The Living Seed

September 23 &30, October 7 & 14 at The Living Seed

November Series also at The Living Seed

Workshops and Presentations can be tailored to fit your individual needs and/or your organizational needs.

Annual THYCA Conference: International Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association

September 27-29 Clarion Hotel & Conference Center, Philadelphia, Pa.

Presentation title:

Finding Stillness in The Storms: A Mindfulness Based Approach For Negotiating Fear, Pain and Uncertainty During Cancer Care

This annual conference brings together leading medical experts who treat thyroid cancers, thyroid cancer survivors and current thyroid cancer researchers.  For more info:  http://www.thyca.org


Workshops, private sessions and presentations available in your workplace, home or organization.

Contact: centerpoint2@earthlink.net  or 609.731.7748


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