Mindfulness-Based Interventions and Yoga

SPRING 2018: Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Life Series

Six consecutive Tuesday evenings. May 15- June 19  6-7:30 pm

at The Living Seed Yoga Center, New Paltz, NY

Pre register at http://thelivingseed.com   or call (845) 255-8212


WINTER 2018:  Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Life Series

 Six Consecutive Tuesday Evenings February 20- March 27   6-7:30 pm

at The Living Seed Yoga Center , New Paltz, NY

Pre register at http://thelivingseed.com   or call (845) 255-8212

WEEKLY YOGA CLASSES at The Living Seed, New Paltz, NY



Private, Semi- Private and Group classes available directly through Donna

 2018 Presentations/Workshops:

February 10, 2018            Private Training/Presentation

February 20-March 27    Six Week Series at The Living Seed (open to public) Information at top of this page

February 21, 2018            State University New Paltz, Psychology Department

March 10, 2018                 Maya Gold Foundation, New Paltz, NY

March 14, 2018                 Hendrick Hudson School District, Montrose, NY

April 24- May 29               Six week Series at The Living Seed (open to public) Information at top of this page

May 15- June 19               Six week series at The Living Seed (open to public) Information at top of this page

June  9, 2018.                     Private Training/Presentation

September 16, 2018          Guest teacher at Devalila Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program Yoga, Hopewell, NJ

October           2018          Jewish Congregation of New Paltz, Thursday Night Live Series

For  trainings, workshops, educational programs or private sessions groups: Contact Donna directly for more information


FALL 2017  Introduction to Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Life Series


TUESDAY EVENINGS at The Living Seed Yoga in New Paltz, NY

September 19-October 24  6-7:30 pm  Note: The series is now runs for 6 weeks.

                                             Private and semi private and small groups available

  Contact Donna directly for more information


  • Wednesday, July 26 5:30- 7:30 pm SUNSET RECHARGE for WOMEN
  • An evening of gentle/moderate yoga, the deep relaxation of guided yoga nidra, an opportunity to swim and a lovely pool and soak in a scented  hot tub and TOOLS AND SUPPORT TO HELP YOU REDEDICATE YOURSELF TO YOUR HEARTFELT GOALS WITH STEADFAST DETERMINATION. All on the  gorgeous grounds of the Fox Hill Bed & Breakfast in Highland, NY http://www.foxhillbandb.com
  •  Tuesday evenings May 16,23,30 & June 6, Next INTRODUCTION TO MINDFULNESS PRACTICES FOR EVERYDAY LIFE at The Living Seed. Register on line at http://thelivingseed.com or contact me (Series is full and in process)
  • April 18 Mindfulness Training for Educators, HCSD ( not open to public)
  • May (exact dates/times TBD) SUNSET RECHARGE for WOMEN at private home
  •  February 21,28 and March 7,14 6-7:30 pm INTRODUCTION TO MINDFULNESS PRACTICES FOR EVERYDAY LIFE  at http://thelivingseed.com. Register on line or contact me
  • Saturday, February 18 Therapeutic Yoga Nidra session, New Paltz, NY
  • January 24 & 31 Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Educators, HSCD Highland, NY  (Not open to public)
  • January 13, Presentation of Therapeutic Yoga Nidra, The Om Factory Yoga Studio NYC
  • Weekly Yoga Classes at The Living Seed on Mondays 4:30 and Wednesdays 11:30 am
  • Private and semi-private instruction or for school, business or community groups please  contact me via the contact button here

Fall 2016:

Wednesday, September 12  Presentation at State University at New Paltz undergraduate psychology class. Not open to public

Saturday, September 17  Yoga Nidra component at Beyond Mom Retreat, Kingston, NY  Open to public. Preregistration required. Contact:terri@randizinn.com or 845-336-7700 ex 108

Sunday, October 16 5-6:30 pm SUNSET RECHARGE: Gentle Yoga and Guided Yoga Nidra 10 Horse Art Studio, Black Creek Road, Highland, NY Open to public.Contact Donna for information. To learn about 10 Horse Arts Center  http://www.10horse.com

Tuesdays, October 18,25, Nov 1 & 8th 6-7:30  pm Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and Stress Reduction, The  Living Seed, New Paltz, NY

Saturday, December 3  2:30- 5 pm Partial Day Retreat at The Living Seed, New Paltz, NY Open to public. Preregistration suggested.Scroll up for details or visit home page

Weekly Yoga Classes

Mondays 4:30 and Wednesdays 11: 30 at The Living Seed

Privates and small group classes available

  Contact Donna directly for more information

Recording Released & Available in CD and digital downloads


“…..her delivery of yoga nidra reflects a rare combination of serious study of yogic philosophy, a lifetime of yoga practice, years of clinical experience and comprehensive training in mindfulness skills…..” Lisa Dale Miller, LMFT, LPCC, SEP clinician and author of Effortless Mindfulness: Genuine Mental Health Through Awakened Presence (Routledge, 2014)

5 star reviews on Amazon, iTunes and cd baby. Some excerpts from reviews on my home page.

Please contact me if you wish to purchase a cd disc

Digital downloads via links below:


 Amazon link below:


and from iTunes link below:


Yoga Nidra is a guided  practice that induces a state of profound relaxation in which one’s body is deeply stilled and the mind is settled and refreshed. I like to think of it as cleaning out the static that creates agitation in both body and mind.  This recording includes three tracks.  Soft soothing music accompanies the tracks. You simply click play, lay back and listen.


 Four consecutive Tuesdays October 18,25, November 1 & 8th at The Living Seed, New Paltz, NY

Daily life, by its very nature, is rarely going to present itself to us like a well-tended garden. Intense emotional reactivity tends to arise when try to bend life to our liking, and where there is reactivity, there is often prolonged suffering and bewilderment. We can all point to places in our lives where we become ruled by habits of thought, habits of behavior, fear and frustration- it’s all very human and real. However, we needn’t let ourselves get too lost in our suffering and, to this end, there is good news. We have within us an enormous capacity for resiliency and deepening equanimity. We don’t need to seek hidden caves and avoid the very things that trip us up; instead we can learn to meet life on life’s terms with increased presence of mind and skillful action. How? By consistently strengthening our ability to compassionately return to practices that increase our attentiveness, insight and awakened presence.

Workshops,private sessions and presentations available in your workplace, organization or community group.

Register online at The Living Seed (scroll down for link) or call 845.255.8212

Contact Donna directly for more information










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